BT Voyager 220V Unlock & Hacked Firmware

Updated April 2007

Yes I too bought one of these off ebay hoping for a cheap as chips adsl router solution only to find that BT lock them so you cannot use them with different ISP's........

The Solution!
Hurrah people put their thinking caps on and of course worked out how to break BT's ISP lock:

NOTE: If this javascript hack method below does not work for you then chances are the firware on your 220v have been upgraded, do not attempt to downgrade your routers firmware with the original from BT - this will brick the router and it will be useless.

There is a hacked version of firmware available that removes the BT locks but we recommend you try the javascript hack method below first.
Download Voyager 220v Firmware with BT locks disabled

Method 1 - Javascript Hack

1. Login to your voyager by opening up an Internet browser and typing in the routers IP address (default

BT Voyager 220v Login Screen
2. Bring up the connection window on its own by typing in the browser address bar (replace with your configured IP if different than default).

3. Firstly ensure that javascript is enabled in your browser, then you need to copy the following code into your address bar (yep your address bar) and hit return: (its a good idea to have this code plus your adsl username and password already open in a notepad file ready for quick copy and pasting at this point)

javascript:function C1() { if (domainLock == 1) { domainLock = 0; } } C1();

As soon as you paste this code into the address bar and hit return (nothing will happen) immediately switch back to the notepad file and paste in your adsl username and password then hit connect.

4. Success your BT Voyager 220v router is now working on a non-BT ISP!


If this method does not prove successful, then don't worry - click here to download a firmware upgrade with the BT locks disabled.

This resource has been provided due to my own inability to find the information easily, the aim is to help more people unlock their 220v routers!

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